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JADA is a cannabis infused skincare brand that will be launching in the Canadian Market in 2020. The journey of JADA began in 2014 with the creation of the Original formulation. The inspiration of this formulation was developed by a woman who suffered from eczema since childhood. Her internal battles to love her skin when she was experiencing an outbreak motivated her to seek alternatives in order to manage symptoms. It was this journey to relief that set her on a path of self-care, teaching her to love the skin she’s in.



In 2001, at age 18, Dana Hales began setting gems at his father, Dean Harrison’s, business in downtown Toronto. After 10 years of working for jewellery manufacturing companies such as Ben Moss, People, Mappings, Zaire’s, Sears, The Bay, and many more; Dana then carved out his own niche when he took the reigns of his father’s business and made it his own. This began the birth of Dana The Jeweller in 2012.

JADA x Dana

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JADA has partnered with Dana the Jeweller to create an awareness campaign that showcases timeless, authentic pieces that represent where we presently are in cannabis history